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Now offering COVID vaccine to all patients, ages 6 months and up (yes, that includes parents!)​

  • Pfizer vaccine available to ages 6 months and up. We have Primary doses as well as the new, recommended Bivalent dose for ALL ages.

  • Insurance covers COVID vaccines. If you have no insurance we only charge $20 per dose.

  • By appointment only.

  • Please call Monday before 12:00pm, Wednesday, or Friday to schedule an appointment.

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Formula Shortage Information

Below you will find information provided by our office's Similac Representative. The link is their most recent press release statement. The image below has a QR code you can scan to find Similac products near you in real time. We suggest if you are looking for any brand of formula that you use an online ordering method such as Amazon or and use a pick up or delivery method to guarantee your product will be available. Availability is rapidly changing so checking back to websites frequently is recommended.

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Dear Patients and Parents of Patients,

In preparation for this upcoming winter, we are reminding our patients of current office policies that we will be strictly enforcing as of today, October 8, 2021.  We are anticipating this winter to be one of the busiest we’ve had in years and in order to help it run smoothly, and as a courtesy to other patients, we are forced to be strict with our late policies. 
The policies are as follows:

1. I understand that if I bring my child 20 minutes (or more) late for their scheduled appointment, I will be asked to reschedule for the next available appointment and will be considered a “No-Show” which will result in a $25 charge.

2. I understand that Dr. Johnson’s office is booked out for months in advance for wellness checks and if I miss my appointment I will not be able to be worked in sooner unless there is a cancellation.

3. I understand that if I cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before the time of that appointment, I will be charged a $25.00 cancellation or "No-Show" fee.

Because of the overwhelming amount of appointments we are seeing each day, there will be longer wait times. Your patience is appreciated.

Please be aware that if you wish to speak to the doctor over the phone, it is not guaranteed that you will get a call from him the same day. If it is urgent, please ask the receptionist to schedule a virtual visit to be done at the end of the day.

Thank you for your continuous support and understanding.

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About Dr. Joseph Johnson

Dr. Johnson graduated from Emory University in 2002 and did his Residency at University of Colorado. He has been at his current practice since 2005. He loves caring for his patients and often says it is one of his greatest joys of his life to care for children. He has 4 children of his own and currently resides in Orem. He enjoys the outdoors, biking, and BYU football. Go Cougs!

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Pediatrician Examining Infant

Routine Physicals for Children

Your child's health and well being means so much to you as a parent and Dr. Johnson knows you put your trust in him when you bring them in for an appointment. That's why he makes sure to give the very best care to your little ones (and not so little ones). From birth to age 21, Dr. Johnson will care for all your child's needs, head to toe.

Urgent Care for Children

From ear checks, to broken bones. From Strep Throat to staples and stitches. We care for all of your child's illnesses and injuries.

Dr. Johnson also see's patients with autism, behavior concerns, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

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Office Hours

Dr. Johnson is in the office

Monday's from 8:00am - 12:30pm,

Wednesday's from 8:00am - 4:45pm,

Friday's from 8:00am - 4:45pm, 

and some Saturday's from 8:00am - 12:00pm.

If your child needs to be seen during regular office hours on a day that Dr. Johnson is not in the office, the other pediatrician in our office, Dr. Clayton, is available to see your child.

Our office is closed on all major holiday's and Sunday's, however, there is someone on call 24/7 

that you can reach by calling our regular office number.

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Helpful Information and FAQ's

Vaccinating A Child

Should My Child Get
The COVID 19 Vaccine?

Dr. Johnson's Thoughts on The COVID 19 Vaccine for Children

Click link below to read Dr. Johnson's letter to parents about the COVID-19 Vaccine for children.

Image by Diana Polekhina

The History of Vaccination

Informative article about the History of Vaccines

Click the link below to read the article.


What Is My Child's Correct Dose?

Dosage Information for common OTC medications.

Click the link below to see dosages for Motrin, Tylenol, and Benadryl.


How Often Should My Child Have a Physical?

List of Recommended Appointments From Birth to 21 years

Click the link below for a list of recommended physicals and appointments and what to expect at each visit.


Asthma Care

Childhood Asthma Care

Dr. Johnson has been on the University of Utah Asthma Team for the past 8+ years. The Asthma Team has found that one of the best ways to treat and manage asthma is by using their eAsthma Tracker Program. We excited to offer this to our patients. To learn more about this service and read some helpful information about asthma from Dr. Johnson, please visit the link below.


When Can I Put Baby in a Forward Facing Car Seat?

Answers to Car Seat Safety Questions

Click the Link below for more infomation


Sunscreen and
Bug Spray For Baby?

Summer Safety Tips for Infants and Children

Click link below for Dr. Johnson's Summer Safety Tips

Girl at School

School Registration

Registering for Kindergarten and Jr. High School

Do you have a child that will soon be registering for Kindergarten or Jr. High? Click here to find out how to get your child's immunization records and school requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Billing and Payments

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